Engagement Models

Every client is unique and project requirements are distinct, which require different engagement/pricing models. WebCube offers these four engagement models.

  1. Fixed Price
  2. Project Management
  3. Time and Material
  4. Dedicated Development Team

1. Fixed Price Approach

For your small to medium scoped short-term project Fixed Price Model (also known as project based model) is suitable. You provide us your precise requirements, scope, and deliverables for us to analyze project scope and complexity and provide milestones, project delivery schedule and a quote for your approval. Once approved, we execute the project on a fixed price basis.

Although waterfall methodology is applied in this model, we furnish you with the working code of each milestone (if set in advance) to ensure easy tracking and maintenance.

If your project requirements are fixed and well documented then this is the most suited model for you.

2. Project Management Approach

If you already have a team of developers onsite, or you wish to hire offshore team and require a skilled and experienced local project manager who can be a link between you and your team to deliver your project on-time and on-budget, then you should choose this approach.

Once hired, we study the entire project requirement and help you define the details of your project along with the designer and developer requirement. We work with the team you hire (or we help you hire) and provide periodic report on the progress of the project and each developer.

If you have a development team (or want to hire an offshore team to reduce the cost), and need the technical expertise to manage the team to optimize their performance by properly planning and managing their work, then this approach should suit you the best.

3. Time and Material Approach

If your project has dynamically changing requirements, scope of work, or workload of development team then this is the model for you. In this model, project is divided into multiple milestones or phases, and a project manager is assigned for your project. At the start, you briefly discuss the concept of the entire project with your project manager, and milestone details are discussed as the project progresses. In most cases first couple of milestones, and hourly rate are agreed upon at the start of the project.

This approach uses agile methodology for your long term project where end product can’t be predicted at initial stages. Time and Material approach grants you more control and flexibility over the development process and cost. Size and workload of the development team, and project specifications can be adjusted according to the evolving requirements, simultaneously optimizing time and cost.

If the requirement and scope of your project are to be constantly evolving, then this model will suit you the best.

4. Dedicated Development Team Approach

If you already have a development team or project manager, and require a skilled team as the core team or an extension to your existing team then this is would work for you.

In Dedicated Development Team model we provide set of tailored resource from our team of talented content writers, UI designers, Website developers, SEO Experts, and Application coders in accordance with your project requirements. A specific time commitment (Usually six months to a year) is required from your part. This model provides the following two hiring options:

  1. Full-Time Hire option
  2. Hourly-Hire option

If you have a fair idea of what you need, and require technical expertise, then this model will suit you the best.

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