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As per, the top 10 percent of companies have 3-5x higher conversion rates than the average companies. Conversion rate simply means the number of people who have taken the desired action. Optimizing the conversion rate is crucial as it lowers customer acquisition costs and brings economies of scale. When you optimize your conversion rate, you can increase the number of visitors, enhance the revenue per visitor, acquire more customers at a lower cost and grow your business effectively!! 

At WebCube, we have been improving the conversion optimization of websites and enhancing the overall business performance of companies! Understanding your objective of increasing the conversion helps us optimize better. We go about it by defining the objective, forming a hypothesis, designing tests accordingly and executing the plans!! Having experienced professionals by our side has helped us understand and execute the strategies better!

Once we understand your objectives, we make minor changes to the website, drastically enhancing conversions! Drastically improving the CRO involves generating ideas and executing them on your site that can be improved and then A/B testing and multivariate testing.

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Content Creation
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What Sets Us Apart from other Content Creation Agencies

Using proven techniques for conversion

Improving the conversion rate is probably one of the essential things. Our professionals have successfully increased the conversion rate by multiple times by following proven conversion rate tweaks. Below, we have mentioned some of the best and result oriented tweaks! 

  • Improving the speed of the website
  • Producing engaging, relevant and consistent content regularly 
  • Using more dynamic pop-ups
  • Use a solid call to action by evoking emotions! 
  • Using different emotions like urgency, fear when writing call to actions
  • Focusing more on Visuals and videos 
  • Reducing the number of fields in mobile forms
  • Displaying testimonials to build authenticity!

Ecommerce CRM integration

We understand that managing data can be difficult for small and business-sized businesses. Hence, we help e-commerce businesses specifically design and manage CRM. 

By integrating the CRM, we help businesses manage customer contact information, purchasing behaviour, location, analyze other data, and other relevant data!

Analyzing data

Data is a vast and useless resource if it is not filtered, assorted and utilized properly!! We help you investigate the CRM data, group it, map, chart, interpret results, and visually present the insights. 

We use the data analysis tools to bring out the results to help companies understand their customers, evaluate ad campaigns, and create content strategies to boost company growth!

Higher returns for your business

As stated above, improving the conversion rate helps bring efficiency and economies of scale. By improving the CRO, you are enhancing the number of site visitors!  Moreover, when you analyze the CRO data, you better understand their thought processes, problems, needs and desires! Hence, you can provide effective, customized and targeted solutions.

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