• 25 . 09 . 2021
How to Add Email Signature

How to Add Email Signature

  • Log into your mail account, and click gear icon at top right corner of the page.
  • Select mail settings from the drop down menu.
  • Go to general tab
  • Go to signature section
  • Select the radio button beside the empty editor.
  • Type your email signature in the editor according to following example :-

    Your Name
    Your Job Title
    Company Name
    #Phone Number#

  • Click "save changes” button at the bottom.

Note :-

  • In case of multiple mail address, Select your mail address which you used for sending the mails from drop down list.”
  • If you don't want your signature to appear on a specific message, you can delete it manually before sending the message. Just highlight the text and delete it before sending.

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