How to Insert Your Logo in the Email Signature

Using WebCube powered mail, and trying to add an image in your signature? Learn how to achieve that using stp-by-step instructions. 

How to use WebCube mail

New to WebCube mail? In this easy to follow tutorial learn how to Login, change your password, setup signature, and setup email cliant (phone mail etc.). 

How To Add New File Type in "Right Click> New"

Wouldn't it be convenient if you could create a new file of extension type (i.e. .php, .js etc.) you want and open in your favourite editor? It is a two fold solution, but very easy to setup. Learn how. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

A complete list of keyboard shortcuts for a windows system.

CRC error while opening winrar file

Are you getting CRC Error while trying to open a file using winrar? Here is how to resolve this issue.

Useful Firefox extensions

Recently learned about Firefox extensions, and want to learn about other useful extensions? See the list of Firefox extensions we have found useful. 

How to import bookmarks in browsers

Learn how to import bookmarks from old browser or old computer. Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer

Google Search basics

Google search is very powerful, and learning how to use it properly can be very handy in finding what you need in the shortest time possible. Here are some basics.  

One Gmail Account to manage Multiple Accounts

Do you have more than one email account say one for work and other or personal use? It is easier if you don't have to log into both accounts and if you can send and receive mails from both accounts by logging into one.

Transfer mail from one Gmail account to other

In the series of managing your email accounts, here is how to transfer all mails from one Gmail account to the other. 


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